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A non-destructive and disruptive technology framework

OpenLayer requires no application or database development and creates no footprint on your servers and/or user devices.


OpenLayer is a non-destructive and disruptive technology framework.

The next generation of integrating application information.


With OpenLayer, a disruptive technology, all legacy system can be accessed from any browser including mobile, instantly. OpenLayer encapsulates the user centric interface into API for a seamless real-time integration between legacy and cloud & ESB.

The Nexus of Forces has made traditional application architectures obsolete, and digital business demands more agility than ever. OpenLayer architecture empowers development teams who must adopt to support modern requirements.

OpenLayer prepares organizations for cultural disruptions by exploiting the existing technologies and bridging them to the modern technologies. .


Instantly Access Legacy System Any-Where-Any-Time from Any Web enabled Device for a personalized User Experience.


Full System-Wide access via RESTful API to help create native apps, Cloud Interfaces and to Integrate with modern applications.


Single User Experience (UX) for all your diversified applications. Keep all your diversified applications in Sync.


Business Value

Learn about the business challenges that the OpenLayer framework addresses.


Process Optimization

Gain an understanding of how OpenLayer transforms your Business Process efficiency.


Technology Architecture

Learn about OpenLayer’s innovative technology design and architecture.


Product Foundation

Gain a solid understanding of OpenLayer’s easy user interface and design.


Configurable UI

OpenLayer supports a robust User Experience (UX). , Personalized for user, group, and system.


No Code Changes

OpenLayer preserves all existing application business logic. No Customer Application nor Database coding is required.


Secure Experience

OpenLayer is secure with no cache on client as well as integrates with your own trusted corporate security framework.


Enables SOA

 OpenLayer brings existing trusted legacy application’s  to Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) compliance.

OpenLayer Customer Quote.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here are a few things that users have had to say about OpenLayer, and how they’ve been able to apply it in their everyday business practices.

Run, Grow, and Transform with OpenLayer

OpenLayer - Zero Footprint100%
COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Tools60%
Rewrite or Replace40%